Kuvaraku Ragi 500gm


  • Ragi can be used to make a variety of breakfast dishes like ragi idli, dosa and upma either by itself or by simply combining it with other grain flours like jowar, bajra and whole wheat.
  • Ragi, a super grain with many nutrients, is used popularly to serve to infants and toddlers as it contains the protein and fiber needed for a healthy upbringing.
  • Ragi flour can also be used to make sweets for a lot of occasions. Like whole wheat flour is used to make sweets, so it Ragi flour, which prove to be much healthier than the other options. Some of these are Ragi Sheera or Ragi Barfi.
  • To enhance the healthiness of Ragi, one can even bake it to make various types of snacks like crackers and chakli.
  • Free from Harmful Chemicals, Pesticides & No Additives


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